Our Mission

Here at KMI our goal and mission is to bring you, our customer the best quality products for the job at hand. Specialising mostly on automotive parts and accessories we strive for quality, that's why we partner with only the most reputable and well-known manufactures. We believe that if you want a job done right you need 2 things; A professional that can perform the work at the highest quality and our products.

With over 14 years of industry experience and countless satisfied customers, our journey has just begun. So much so that recently we're also expanding outside the automotive industry to bring you leading brands such as Super Glue.

To provide you with the highest level of convenience, we're also hard at work to have these top brands in every; petrol station, stationary and professional workshop across Malta & Gozo.

5 in 1 Cleaner Petrol Engine image

5 in 1 Cleaner Petrol Engine

5 in 1 Cleaner Petrol Engine The Decrating 5-in-1 engine (petrol) is the result of our latest research.

5 in 1 Cleaner Diesel Engine image

5 in 1 Cleaner Diesel Engine

5 in 1 Cleaner Diesel Engine Ref 9357B – 500ml The formula contains multipurpose additives developed from the latest generation technologies.

BD 50 Multi Spray  image

BD 50 Multi Spray

Penetrating Oil: lubricates, crawls, protects, displaces moisture and stops rust.

Radiator Oil Remover  image

Radiator Oil Remover 

Radiator Oil Remover ref.


A little about us

KM Imports is a family run business that has been importing automotive parts and accessories since 2006. From the beginning of 2020, we have also started working with leading brands, to bring even more high quality products to the Maltese market. 

- Bardahl – An international technology-driven manufacturer founded in 1939 which focuses on products, ranging on use for vehicles both on land and sea, for domestic and industrial applications. Bardahl is also the developer of the polar attraction formulas that improved motor oil properties to create innovative chemicals that enhance the performance of today’s vehicles. Bardahl is sold worldwide with it's head office located in Seattle USA.         

- 77 Lubricants – Based in the Netherlands, 77 Lubricants has positioned itself as one of the largest independent manufacturer of lubricating oils. 77 Lubricants brings an extensive selection of high quality lubricants and specialty products that are used in a wide range of applications from passenger cars oils, heavy duty engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, chain saws oils, marine oils, turbine oils, agricultural oils and much more.

- Super Glue / ProSeal - When consumers need a glue they can count on, they reach for a Super Glue Corporation product. This company spent over forty years developing a robust line of bonding materials, including waterproof epoxies and high-performance engineering adhesives. From shoe repair and DIY crafts to heavy-duty metal bonding, Super Glue Corporation has a product for every project.  

Exciting times are ahead, with these incredible brands we trust to bring you an even better experience, while working on your car, truck or maybe just doing some arts and crafts at home.

DPF Cleaner 250ml image

DPF Cleaner 250ml

THE PROBLEMParticulate filter mantated, resulting in loss of power.

OptiBlue AD Blue Additive image

OptiBlue AD Blue Additive

OptiBlue - AD Blue Additive Bardahl OptiBlue has been developed to ensure the reliability of the Adblue® system.

Outboard Gear Oil EP 80W 90 image

Outboard Gear Oil EP 80W 90

Outboard Gear Oil EP90 Ref - 450019 Special lubricant with excellent EP, anti-wear and anti-foam features that allow optimal lubrication and gear protection even in the most difficult conditions of use.



PLASMA LXR OIL BOOSTER (For diesel and Petrol) THE ULTIMATE LEVEL OF POWER BARDAHL PLASMA LXR Oil booster is the first 100% BIOTECH performance additive, formulated without any petrol component.

Hand Cleaner 500gr image

Hand Cleaner 500gr

Hand Cleaner Ref - 60305 – 500gm Handwashing paste capable of penetrating deep into the pores and under the skin.

Amazing oils, did wonders for my car