OptiBlue AD Blue Additive
AD Blue
50ml - 200ml

OptiBlue - AD Blue Additive - 250ml

Bardahl OptiBlue has been developed to ensure the reliability of the Adblue® system. It increases the efficiency of Adblue®. Prevents crystal formation in selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR) and contamination of Adblue® injectors. Bardahl OptiBlue also regulates and protects Adblue® during long-term storage.
The use of Bardahl OptiBlue is recommended to treat the AdBlue® used in vehicles (dsl) equipped with SCR depollution systems

⎯ Stabilizes and improves AdBlue® efficiency. Ideal for extended retention periods.
⎯ Lowers the surface tension of the AdBlue® and improves fine atomization, optimizes the temperature in SCR during the process.
⎯ Prevents crystallization of urea and protects AdBlue® injectors.
⎯ Keeps the SCR system clean and extends its service life.
⎯ Is compatible with any type of diesel engine equipped with SCR system (AdBlue®).



Unscrew the cap and squeeze the bottle to fill the graduated upper part. Pour the contents of the upper part into AdBlue® tank before filling. A full dose represents 25 ml and treats up to 25L of AdBlue®.