BD 50 Multi Spray
Spray / Aerosol
301ml - 400ml

Bardahl BD-50 (400ml) multi-Spray is a universal creep oil with many different applications.

  • Displaces moisture from ignition systems, wiring, switches, etc.
    Lubricates tools, hinges, locks, bolts, nuts, etc. Creeps: in rusted parts and stuck joints.
  • Dissolves rests quickly. Cleans and protects mechanical parts remove grease, gum, and tar and provide a
    protective film.
  • Fights and stops rust and metal parts' formation and corrosion.
  • Prevents: beeping and grinding of moving parts and components.

Bardahl BD-50 multi-Spray contains high-quality oils and a unique formula that ensures long-lasting lubrication
and protection. The unique high-pressure additives and the polar organic compounds adhere to the metal, as it
were. This creates an oil film on the metal that ensures less friction and wear.

The lubrication film is also virtually impossible to break through. Due to its unique composition, Bardahl BD-50
Multi-Spray adheres under water and moisture so that the lubricating film can do its job and continues to
protect. Due to the unique (robust) condensation design, freezing has no chance.

In addition, Bardahl BD-50 multi-Spray contains unique, organic ingredients so that even the smallest openings
are reached. In addition to this creeping effect, the product also contains components consisting of solvents,
which dissolve and wash away old deposits of gum, varnish, and accumulated and dried lubricants.

Finally, anti-rust and corrosion components prevent further rust and corrosion formation and reduce the
possibilities of oil oxidation, which is caused by high temperatures or moisture.
All these properties make Bardahl BD-50 unique.


Spray on the surface to be treated. Possibly in stubborn cases, repeat the treatment. Do not wipe. Safe for
paint, rubber, and plastic. When parts are reassembled, it is recommended to spray them with the product to
prevent re-rusting.