5 in 1 Cleaner Diesel Engine
Fuel Additive
400ml - 500ml

5 in 1 Cleaner Diesel Engine

Ref 9357B – 500ml 

The formula contains multipurpose additives developed from the latest generation technologies. By mixing a high concentration of active substances, Bardahl uses fuel as a carrier. Your treated fuel becomes the solution to clean your engine and to extend its lifespan. 

• Restores the injector spraying, cleans and protects the entire injection system (injectors and pump) 

Cleans the turbo, the DPF, the Exhaust valve and the catalytic converter, and limits the EGR valve clogging with no need to dismantle. 

• Limits fuel overconsumption, loss of power and prevents the replacement of expensive parts. 

• Limits the emissions of polluting gases and helps pass the technical inspection. 

Instructions for use:

  1. Wait for the fuel reserve warning light to be on.
  2. Pour the contents of one bottle into the tank using the extension tube. For an optimum cleaning, add 20L of fuel.
  3. When the engine is warm, drive for 20 mins at a regular engine speed of 2,500 – 3,000rpm and then drive normally.
  4. Repeat this driving operation 1 or 2 times until complete consumption of the treated fuel, on one or several driving journeys.
  5. Refuel normally.