Oil Additive / Treatment
400ml - 500ml

PLASMA LXR OIL BOOSTER (For diesel and Petrol)

BARDAHL PLASMA LXR Oil booster is the first 100% BIOTECH performance additive,
formulated without any petrol component. This exclusive oil treatment is the elixir
of Bardahl formulations. It ensures better protection, lubrication and sustainability
performance than traditional petroleum-dependent performance additives

PLASMA LXR is a real technological breakthrough and a significant innovation in
formulation. BARDAHL has used the exceptional strength of inductive plasma to
strengthen the link between vegetal-origin ester molecules. The electrical charges
of the ionized gas (plasma) will allow the esters to bind together and form electromagnetic molecular «small springs», very adherent to metal surfaces. PLASMA LXR
is an association between this vegetal-origin ester with reinforced properties and
a package of new generation anti-wear, extreme pressure and friction modifier additives, resulting from BARDAHL historical know-how in additivation. BARDAHL PLASMA
LXR Oil booster will therefore create a magnetic, protective and ultra-lubricating film
between the moving mechanical parts.

BARDAHL PLASMA LXR Oil booster will improve all the physicochemical properties of
engine oils. Perfectly suitable for recent engines and 0W, 5W and 10W fluid lubricants.

The addition of PLASMA LXR Oil booster into the engine allows to:

• Reduce the engine operating temperature,
• Increase the viscosity index and improve the oil stability at very low and very
   high temperatures, including in extreme racing conditions,
• Improve the pumpability of oil at cold temperatures,
• Help reduce fuel and energy consumption,
• Extend mechanical parts lifespan,
• Limit CO2 emissions


  1. Add the full can into the warm engine oil of your vehicle.
  2. One can treats up to 8L of engine oil.
  3. Compatible with any type of engine oil and suitable for Euro 5b diesel, petrol and hybrid recent vehicles.


Handling : any safety information related to the handling and use of this product are gathered in the Safety Data Sheet. Always check the manufacturer car manual before use.