5 in 1 Cleaner Petrol Engine
Fuel Additive
400ml - 500ml

5 in 1 Cleaner Petrol Engine 

The Decrating 5-in-1 engine (petrol) is the result of our latest research. Its composition with multiple properties allows it to act on each part of the engine efficiently and safely.

Simple and fast to use.

Disassembles without disassembly:

  • the turbo,
  • the EGR valve,
  • the particulate filter,
  • the exhaust valves and
  • the catalytic converter.

Cleans and protects the injection system, and restores the flow of injectors.

Limits polluting emissions and multiplies your chances of success in the anti-pollution tests of the roadworthiness test.

Avoids overconsumption of fuel, loss of power and replacement of expensive parts.


Bardahl's 5-in-1 petrol Engine allows you to clean your engine by precisely targeting the most fouling-sensitive components. Its formula is based on a complex of multifunctional additives from our latest research. The highly concentrated substances it contains use your fuel as a carrier to clean your engine as well as possible.

So just pour the 5-in-1 engine crushing into your tank, and it's your additive fuel that serves as a healing solution.

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