No Smoke
400ml - 500ml

No Smoke (473ml) ref: 2116

Bardahl No Smoke is a super thick polymer-based oil additive, to be added to the engine oil of older cars. For
engines that consume oil, have compression loss and/or smoke.

The problem
Oil consumption due to mechanical wear is one of the most common causes of oil consumption.
As engines age, the suction springs and cylinder wall begin to wear out. Space is created between piston and
cylinder wall, through which the oil can escape to the combustion chamber. In the combustion chamber, this
oil is partially burned. The unburned part causes exhaust smoke; That's a clear sign of great wear and tear. As
the engine gets warmer, the oil (also multigrade) becomes thinner and more oil will escape. This causes more
smoke, coal deposits and contaminated spark plugs.

At the same time, fuel fumes and exhaust gases will escape along the piston rings (blow-by), which in turn
results in loss of compression and power.

How it works
The addition of Bardahl No Smoke increases the viscosity of the engine oil at normal engine temperature. A
15W40 multigrade oil becomes a 15W60 engine oil that is ideal for older and worn engines.

The increased viscosity at higher temperatures means that the oil no longer escapes past the pistons to the
combustion chamber and burns there. With a regular engine oil without the addition of Bardahl No Smoke,
this is not possible.

Bardahl No Smoke fills the tolerances of all moving parts of the engine and thus reduces engine noise. The
engine oil ensures good sealing again and thus improves the compression and performance of the engine.

The result
 Reduces exhaust smoke
 Reduces oil consumption
 Reduces engine noise
 Restores compression
 Improves power and performance

With each oil change, replace 10% of the engine oil with Bardahl NoSmoke. In extreme cases, up to 20% can be
added. Bardahl No Smoke preferably add to the warm engine oil. Make sure that the engine oil does not
exceed the maximum oil arrow. Bardahl No Smoke is safe to use in both gasoline, L.P.G., and diesel engines
and will mix with any mineral, semi- and full-synthetic oil without any problems.
Bardahl No Smokecanalso be added in the meantime if necessary.
The extra thick formula of Bardahl No Smoke can be clearly seen by reversing the vial. One then sees the
bubble go back up very slowly.

Bardahl No Smoke is safe for catalysts.