Precision Oil
50ml - 200ml

Precision Oil - Ref 53001      

Bardahl Precision Oil is used worldwide to lubricate delicate mechanical parts and devices. It can be used
under the most extreme conditions.

Precision instruments are susceptible to friction, that causes heat, wear, and metal fatigue and automatically leads to higher energy consumption. Higher temperatures then cause oxidation of the oil and cause gums and varnishes to form. Bardahl Precision Oil ensures that these problems are kept to a minimum.

Bardahl Precision Oil is used, for office machinery, printing machines, photographic equipment, pneumatic tools, woodworking machines, household appliances, etc.


A tight lubricating film on the material, with extraordinary high-pressure properties.

A good water separation capacity, which is not broken down by water or steam.

A lubricating film with exceptional anti-corrosion properties in diverse environments.

A low freezing point makes it possible to lubricate machines and devices that work in the open air.

Lower energy consumption due to reduced friction.

A reduction in the amount of oil used or longer lubrication intervals due to delayed aging of the lubricant