The Permanent Patch is a unique, easy-to-use UV or sunlight activated repair patch. It is fiberglass-reinforced polyester and creates long-lasting repairs. No mixing is required – one step, no mess. This incredible permanent patch is waterproof and will not rot or rust. It can be applied, sanded and painted in less than an hour. Ideal for broken pipes, the Permanent Patch also makes long-lasting repairs on wood, fiberglass, plastic, metal, concrete, rubber, drywall and more.


NOTE – This product must be exposed to UV sunlight or UV source to cure. Rubber or plastic gloves recommended for sensitive individuals. 

Not recommended for drinking water applications.

1. Use the Permanent Patch in a well-ventilated area. Keep the Patch in the black, UV-protected package until you are
ready to do repair.

2. Clean parts to be repaired with soap & water and allow to dry completely. Roughen surface with wire brush or

3. While still in the black UV-protected package, cut the patch material to extend ¾” beyond the repair area using scissors
or knife. Remove the white backing and apply cut Patch over repair and press firmly in place. Store unused portion
away from sunlight or UV sources. If outside surface is to be painted or finished, remove clear nylon film prior to cure.

4. Expose the bonded Patch to UV sunlight, black lamp or other UV source until product is hardened (see approximate
times above).

5. After product is hard and fully cured, it can be drilled, sanded or painted.

6. Wash hands and skin well with soap and water after use.

Works Best On:

  • Marine: Boats, Personal watercraft, Engine parts, Decking
  • Automotive/RV: Fenders, PVC pipes, Bumpers, Bedliners, Exhaust pipes, Mufflers, Water tanks, Flashing, Engine parts, Fiberglass
  • Landscape/Plumbing: Rain gutters, Drain pipes, Water tanks, PVC pipes, Concrete, Wood
  • Household: Shower stalls, Stucco, Water tanks, Roofs, Flashing, Air conditioning units, PVC pipes, Fiberglass, Metal, Wood, Pool repairs

Technical Specifications:

Initial color: Off-white
Final color: Yellow
Cure Time: min. 5-15 (sunny); 30-50 (cloudy); 15-30 (UV lamp)
Operating Range -40 F to 350 F (optimum)
Storage: Store product sealed in original black UV-protected package in a cool (<75F), dry location away from UV sources or sunlight. Stored under these conditions, a one-year shelf life can be expected.