100% Silicone Lubricant
Spray / Aerosol

100% Silicone Lubricant ref-76304


A crystal clear silicone fluid that creates a mirror-smooth, long-lasting film which remains clear and no stains, circles or residue. Available in aerosol and in packing of 5 liters and 25 liters

Bardahl 100% Pure Silicone Lubricant NSF + InS is an efficient fluid for mechanical parts constructed of plastic, rubber, neoprene, laminated fabrics, wood, etc. It can be used safely on metals or metal to synthetic  friction areas of contact to lubricate and reduce wear. It provides an effective, long lasting film that remains clear and leaves no stain or residue. It is non-toxic and all ingredients comply with FDA regulations. NSF and Ins Certified, which means that incidental and limited contact in the production of food is allowed.




Little change in physical properties over a wide temperature range.

H1 application

The fluid can be used from -40°C to 280°C.

Excellent water repellency.

Low surface tension. The fluid readily ‘wets’ clean surfaces to impart water repellency and release characteristics.

Low toxicity.