Total Tech White All In One 125ml
Total Tech White All In One 125ml
Total Tech White All In One 125ml
Total Tech White All In One 125ml
Total Tech White All In One 125ml
Construction / DIY
50ml - 200ml

Total Tech White All-in-One Adhesive and Sealant - 125ml

The Original Super Glue’s Total Tech is the perfect mix of a heavy-duty construction adhesive and all-purpose sealant. Total Tech bonds with high strength (up to 430 PSI); seals with great flexibility (370% elongation); and repairs any type of material indoors and outdoors, in all-weather conditions with instant grab – even under water! Its sealing capabilities make it 100% watertight which is ideal for use in and around pools, sinks, and bathtubs. Total Tech is solvent-free and water-free. Total Tech is also available in clear.


•Clean surface thoroughly
•Unscrew nozzle and cut tip of cartridge or unscrew the cap and cut the tip of the squeeze tube
•Thread nozzle back on and cut to desired bead size
•Insert cartridge into caulking gun and apply

Use as an adhesive:
•Apply on one of the surfaces and join by pressing firmly

Use as a sealant:
•Apply a bead and smooth
•Clean the excess product while it is wet with an absorbent paper

Heavy items may require temporary support until the product dries.


Works Best On:

•All Materials
•Most Plastics


Technical Specifications:

Elongation Break > 370%

Tensile strength: 430 PSI

Color: White

Ideal for under water applications, resistant to chlorine and salt, suitable for bonding, sealing and temporary repairs of cracks (9.000hrs approx).



Fast bonding

Skin Formation: 7 minutes

Dry Time: 1 hour

Cure Time: 12 hours

Easy to gun, does not shrink


Operating Temperature Range

Service: -40ºF – + 194ºF (-40ºC – + 90ºC)

Application Temp: + 41ºF – + 95ºF (5ºC – + 35ºC)