TF Dry Lubricant
Spray / Aerosol

TF Dry lubricant – 72904    

 A concentrated synthetic lubricant scientifically compounded for dry lubrication and extreme pressure, based on Teflon basis. It reduces friction and prevents sticking. It is an unique all-purpose lubricant for numerous applications. After application it dries instantly leaving a dry, non-oily, clean, PTFE-powder surface, the slipperiest substance known to science. This product will function under a wide variety of conditions, ranging from cryogenic temperatures to 260°C or higher.

The problem: Assembly of equipment with close tolerances requires lubricant, which will not be scraped off during break in. Normal oils and greases, even ones containing graphite of molybdenum-disulfide, do not adequately meet this specialized requirement. Chains and conveyors need a lubricant with high penetrating and corrosion resistant properties, as well as one which contains a minimum level of oil or slow evaporating solvent in order to prevent “fling off” and attraction of grime to lubricated parts. Certain industrial applications require not only good lubrication but also the ability of the lubricant to remove existing grime to maintain or improve performance.

The working: Bardahl TF Dry lubricant will form an effective lubricating surface on any material – wood, metal, leather, plastic, elastomers, fibers, glass, etc. A thin coating can easily be applied by the aerosol package. The lubricating protecting film is very thin, very adhesive, non-oily and will penetrate in the smallest places. It has an extremely low friction coefficient and will therefore reduce “stick-slip” problems to a minimum. Bardahl TF Dry lubricant is InS registered 1797275